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If it’s broke, we fix it.

Giving products a long life is an essential tool to create sustainable outdoor gear. That's why we offer repairs on all products and have been since day one. 

How do I send my products for repair?

1. Fill out and register your product/claim here. 
2. Print the registration and put it together with the product, keep a copy.
3. The product must be washed before you send it in. Please follow the washing instructions here.
4. Duct tape or similar must be removed from the product.
5. Pay for shipping

How long is the repair process?

It usually takes about 14 days from we receive the shipment until the repair is done and we’ve shipped the product back. In peak repair periods during winter time, the process may take longer. 

How much does a repair cost?

Please have a look at our price list for typical repairs.

Download the price list as an excel file here