Velkommen til naturen
Unfortunately due to legal complications we are not allowed to sell to US yet

How we run the house.

With Whiteout, we believe we can make a little bit easier for everyone to #GetOut.

So this is the deal. By utilizing the advantage of running the world leading outdoor company Norrøna for 90 years, we can free ourselves from the restraints of a traditional wholesale model. This gives us the opportunity to be as sustainable, available and transparent as we can be, and deliver premium outdoor products directly to a wide audience. By cutting out the middlemen and their margins, we can offer product prices lying 30-40% * under competing retailers. 

We cut the costs where we can and place the effort where it should be so we can give more and sell for less. 


Whiteout is an associated company of Norrøna Sport, a Norwegian outdoor company established in 1929. This means we bring 90 years of outdoor experience into play when designing our products, choosing our partners and distributing our gear. While the business model between the companies may differ, the quality is the same.