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Outdoor rehabilitation

Camp Spinal

To be severely injured is something that no one is prepared for and is a traumatic incident for everyone involved. Just as the people behind The Sunnaas Foundation, Whiteout believes that people are capable of joining society and experience the outdoors even after life turns completely upside down.

What happens when something we take for granted like eating, getting dressed or moving – seems impossible?

- You have to learn to live again.

The Sunnaas Foundation believes that everyone is capable of contributing to society, also after a serious injury. Therefore, the foundation specifically supports projects that help people to lead constructive and healthy lives, through increased knowledge, experiences, and opportunities.

Their main focus areas include activities, research, innovation, and patient welfare. The flagship, and the area where they are going to cooperate with Whiteout is the Camp Spinal-concept.

It is our vision to bridge the gap between public funding and the need for rehabilitation services for seriously injured people, to see to that vital opportunities are not lost for these clients.

The Sunnaas Foundation


Camp Spinal consists of annually arranged motivation and training camps for users with spinal cord injuries. Participants at Camp Spinal are users who have recently completed their primary rehabilitation after serious injury and has been permanently disabled. At Camp Spinal they learn to live again. Within a week, they create networks, uses role models like coaches and mentors while using sports and activity as a means of increasing independence and integration back to society.

The main focus is on active rehabilitation in a healthy environment. In cooperation with the Norwegian Sports Federation and Olympiatoppen, it is proposed to introduce sports activities that can suit the individual.

The Camp Spinal concept is branched into subprojects; Camp Spinal Summer, Camp Spinal Winter and Camp Spinal H2O.

The rehabilitation effect at Camp Spinal is often underestimated from a socioeconomic perspective. Research shows the camps make participants safer and that they are able to master their new life situation in a more meaningful way. They learn that with simple adaptations, they can live an active life with work, family, and friends.

Camp Spinal is a nationwide offer, with professionals from rehabilitation institutions across Norway. The concept has gained a great reputation and recognition in the rehabilitation field both nationally and internationally among the sports, community, business, and politics.

Camp Spinal is a cooperation between private donors, government, SCI units in Norway, and the Nordic countries, as well as Spain, Belarus, UK, Latvia, Libanon, Germany, Greece, Poland, and Cambodia. This cooperation also stimulates and motivates hosting of similar camps in other countries.