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IVRIG is a girls-made girls-only group aiming to get more girls out to bike, surf, ski, and snowboard regardless of level, experience or what shape they’re in. No requirements, tons of opportunities. 

Linn Cecilie Mælhum - you started IVRIG Camp together with Anja Alme Gardli back in 2015. Why?

We wanted to bring more girls into the environment and therefore we started arranging IVRIG girls trip, events and hangouts. Our hangouts and day events are all about getting people out, and they are free. The tours are adapted to suit both beginners and more experienced girls.

What kind of background do you have?

I have a background of alpine skiing and many years of competitive racing. For several years I was in Norway Freeride Series and Freeride World Qualifiers. In 2016 I was a part of the ski movie Supervention II, and I have been working with many film and photo projects in the following years, some of them still in progress.

Guiding is all about experience and certifications. Do you have these skills?

We are a total of 11 girls who run IVRIG Camp spread into the various activities. We always make sure that our camps have the right competence. Some of us have certification as instructors and guides, and if we don’t have the right certification ourselves, we book someone who has it.

Do you have some kind of manifesto?

Our goal is to be an open gate for girls who want to try out a new activity or improve the level they are already on. Our intention is to be a place where girls can make new contacts and become a part of an environment where they can arrange their own girl trips together.

Are the camps suitable for everyone?

IVRIG is for everyone above 18 years. IVRIG and the camps are all about getting more girls or women out skiing, biking, surfing or snowboarding together, regardless of level, experience or what shape they are in. The camps are customized to meet all levels, whether you have been skiing a lot or never tried it before. The goal is to get more people out and enjoy the fun. There are too many who are just dreaming of new adventures but don´t dare because they don't think they have the right skills. But we all need to start somewhere, right?

What kind of activities do you offer?

For the upcoming year, we will have both ski-, bike-, surf- and climb-camps. For those who don’t know anyone in the field, it will be a way to network and make new friends to do your activities with.

Whiteout is about getting people to #GetOut.

This is so important! To get more people out in action and take part in big and small experiences outdoors. You don’t need to be an expert to use the outdoors or head out on a huge excursion.

How do you customize your camps in the most sustainable way?

We make sure that participants co-operate or take a train to our camps. We try to use local food when we shop groceries and beach clean-ups is a part of the program when we have surf camps.